Blowgun & Slingshot Review (Video & Transcript)

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Number of speakers: 3 (Shane, Dan & Paul)
Duration: 10 min 11 sec  

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Blowgun & Slingshot Review (Video & Transcript)

Shane: “Hey! Welcome back YouTube, Shane here with Lonewolf Survival and we’re out here at wild cat camp ground area. The Home of our Wilderness Survival School and today we are going to be talking about alternative hunting techniques and some tools that you can use. Today we will be reviewing sling shots, the different types, the pros and cons, the good ones and the bad ones, different types of ammo and then what you can actually take with the sling shots. I’ll be showing you a couple different techniques that you can use.

Dan and Paul today will be reviewing blowguns. Also for small game hunting and some of the different types of ammo and different techniques you will be using as well when hunting small game. So thanks for join us and I am going to turn it over to Paul and Dan now and they are going to talk about blowguns.”

Dan: “Hey You Tube! This is Paul.”

Paul: “Hey Everybody!”

Dan: “With LoneWolf survival. Today we’re going to be covering a couple of primitive hunting techniques for smaller game. Later we will be covering wrist rockets, but for now we are going to cover blowguns. These are things you can get with minimal investment and won’t take a lot out of your pocket.”

“The fact of the matter is they come in a lot of sizes, shapes and different methods. What we go for is about a 3ft so it’s not going to take a lot of space in your back pack and it’s something you can carry pretty easily. I shoot with a standard, pretty much nothing to it. Loads up from the back and sight in the front. Paul has a little bit different set up that he is going to show you.”

Paul: “Hi, mines a breach load. It’s got a chamber here, load the dart in from the back, push it up so it’s ready to shoot. The different tips we use are broad head, field tips, and blunt tips for knocking things out of the tree. These things are really good for rabbits, squirrels, snakes, birds and other small game.”

Dan: ”Another great thing about these things is you’re actually not going to scare off everything within a mile radius. They tend to be pretty quit. You’re not going to take down a deer but you will definitely eat for the night.

So, we’re about to cover a couple different shooting techniques, breathing techniques and things like that. Alright, so basically there is a couple different ways you can go about this. If you wanna take your time and really dial it in the goal is to come up and as you’re aiming at your target you are breathing in your breath. So the goal is to when you’re lined up with it to have your full inhale and then blow all at once. You can actually get a lot more velocity than you think you can with these things.”

“What you’re gonna do is when you bring it up and get it right about where you like your target you’re gonna focus on the target. You will actually get double vision and see two different blow gun barrels. That is how you’re going to gauge your center. You want your target to be between the V of your blow gun then you’re gonna aim a little bit low. Once you get use to shooting like that and seeing where your dart is gonna hit you can dial in how you personally shot to how you aim. Paul is going to demonstrate.”

Paul: “Just like that.”

Dan: “Alright. So what we’re looking at here is about a four inch spread between me and Paul at roughly ten to twelve yards. So you’re looking at pretty good accuracy at close range. You’ll be able to take down good, small game. You know, making you a good dinner. You may not be taking down a deer, but it gets the job done. So that goes for blowguns and now we’re actually gonna go over to Shane and he’s going to show us some sling shots and wrist rockets.

Shane: “Hey welcome back Youtube. So I am gonna be talking about sling shots and wrist rockets. Remember safety is always first and foremost when you’re using any kind of…

Dan: “Sorry bro, I was looking for these.”

Shane: “Really? So, like I was saying, safety is first and foremost so make sure you always have a back stop when you’re shooting. So, I wanna talk about the different types of wrist rockets and what we are looking at today. You have multiple wrist rockets. You have the folding type of wrist rockets, cross man, daisy, all these different companies make these. These are really good to go in your back pack or compact. Not as accurate as your larger scale wrist rockets and the original bands that come with them are not as strong. Now you can switch these out with power bands, all different kinds of bands you can buy. We’re gonna be shooting some of these.”

Then you start moving into the high end wrist rockets. You start moving into the fixed wrist rockets with the pistol grips. This is actually one that Crossman makes, Barnet makes wrist rockets. This is a high end, this is a Duck Commander. This is a Zombie Hunter Barnet with a power band on it. It also has a site on here. So all these different types of wrist rockets that you can use.”

Then I want to talk to you about the REAL high end wrist rockets. This is actually one that I picked up at a prep show that was kind of funny story. It was actually on clearance. I paid fifteen dollars for it. Worst wrist rocket I’ve ever picked up in my entire life. These retail at about 200 bucks. It come with a whisker biscuit, it come with an arrow, with a flashlight, a tactical wrist rocket. The bottom unscrews and has a compass in it and a place for extra ammo. The problem with this is it is very uncomfortable to shoot and this is about the third band we have put on it. So don’t think you have to spend a lot of money on one of these in order to get something that is accurate.”

“So that is kind of the layout. We’re gonna shoot each one and then I’m gonna talk to you about ammo real fast. You can buy the steel shot ammo like you can find at any of the sporting goods stores or Walmart. Or you can go to your local dollar store and buy glass marbles. These are really great for hunting small game. So when we look at wrist rockets and we think about what we can actually take with it. Squirrels, rabbits, birds, and things of that nature. You’re gonna have to work on your accuracy.”

“You’re gonna have to make sure you maintain these things. You are gonna have to make sure that the band itself doesn’t get dry rotted as well as the band on the back. The great thing about the wrist rockets and sling shots is you can shoot almost anything out of them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a marble, a steel shot, a ball bearing, a rock, it doesn’t really matter.”

“So what we are gonna do now is we got some targets set up and we’re gonna do some different practice shots with some different ones. I am gonna show you a couple different techniques because there are actually a couple different techniques when using the wrist rockets like this. So let’s go ahead and get set up and show you a couple different shots down range.”

“Okay so now I’m gonna show you a couple different techniques. Now most people with conventional sling shots or wrist rockets are going to hold the back strap against their forearm and they’re gonna aim straight down between the two shafts like this. That is the conventional way.”

“Now the second way is to take the wrist rocket or sling shot like you are shooting a bow and arrow. As I get untangled here. So What I am gonna do now is actually rotate around to the side and I’m gonna draw across all the way back to my chin here. Fire that way. This works the same with all sling shots and wrist rockets.”

“What I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna bring Paul and Dan in and we’re gonna get set up and we got a few targets set up down range. We are all going to take multiple shots at these to show you the destructive force that these actually have and how capable these are at actually hunting and taking out small game either with the marbles or steel balls themselves. So we’ll be back in just a minute.”

(Firing at cans)

Shane: “Okay so we’ve had a couple different targets set up. A couple monster cans of Mountain Dew bottles. You can see the destructive force that one of these sling shots can do at about 30 or 40 feet. There is one of the marbles; I’ll keep that one for later. Recycle my ammo. So you can see what kind of damage these things can do at close quarters. The different types just pick what’s best for you, what’s best for your hand. What’s comfortable, just try a few out. These are really inexpensive. Like I said they range anywhere from twelve dollars on up. A good ones gonna run you about twenty four to thirty bucks. You don’t have to buy a two hundred dollar one to have a good sling shot.”

“Small game, squirrels, birds, rabbits are not going to stand a chance against this and this is something that takes up a little bit of room. Not a lot of weight to it and I can take this anywhere I need to go. This is a really good alternative to carrying a rifle or a bow or something like that. So make sure that you do your homework. Different projectiles. You can actually shoot gobstoppers and jaw breakers out of this thing to.

“Until next time, I’m Shane with Lone Wolf Survival. Be safe and have fun.

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