Future Preppers of America! (Video)

Future Preppers of America

As preppers, I believe there is nothing greater than realizing our way of living, our purpose and our beliefs are being passed down to new generations. It means there is still hope.

This weekend I received an email from a woman at TCA Tektons Projects of three young kids that have figured out how to re purpose cheese wax. Yes, you read that right. lol Cheese wax. (Do you know how many of those we, as a family, have thrown away.)

They are using a material that burns very well and doesn’t biodegrade to create light and heat. Not only that, it is reusable over and over and over. Simply remold and add another paper wick. This sounds great for a bug out bag in my opinion. Just toss in a ball of cheese wax and voila, a Candle.

One candle takes about nine or ten cheese wax wrappings to create and one post it size piece of paper. Each candle will burn for 30-45 minutes. I hope you enjoy their video!

If you want to keep up with these Future Preppers of America you can find them on TCA Tektons Facebook page.




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