Live Standoff with Oregon Refugee Situation

(Updated Note: The live stream picked back up this morning and is at the bottom of this page.)

What you are listening to is live feed from the Oregon Refugee Situation

Gavin Seim has been with them more than 12 hours already and has just updated us with this: 2/10/2016

“I got this call a while ago and they said they were surrounded by military vehicles and as you can hear they are trying to negotiate them out of there. The FBI criminals are on the scene. These guys are just camping outside the refuge, they are not actually in the refuge. They are kind of camping on the outskirts of it. Right now they are surrounded. They are not trying to fight. Their guns are on their shoulders.”

“The guy you hear is the FBI trying to talk to them claiming he can’t hear them even though all the rest of us can hear them so that is a farce. That is what we know right now other than putting your appeal to heaven and praying hard. I don’t know if we have any other patriots in burns on the ground. There has really been very little response from the patriot groups. Oath keepers, people like that since Levoy was assassinated and that is where we are right now. I am just trying to get the message out.”

“The phone number to the FBI. 503.224.4181 option zero. That is the FBI in Portland. Tell them to uphold their oath and to stand down. These men are NOT criminals. They are justly upset because their people attacked the rule of law. They attacked the constitution.”

We will update this when we have new information in the morning.
You can also go to Gavin Seims FB page for updates as well.
New Live stream 2/11/2016 10:59 am EST

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