What is Prepping?

According to Wikipedia, prepping is the process of actively preparing for emergencies, including possible disruptions in social or political order, on scales from local to international. As preppers, we work to ensure that we have all-day access to the supplies and knowledge we need to endure and overcome the worst potential disaster that society or nature can throw at us. The most important include:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Shelter
  • Survival Equipment
  • Medical Training

Preppers will often stockpile food and water, either at their home or at a designated Bug Out Location (BOL). They will also usually prepare a Bug Out Bag (BOB) or Go Bag, with the minimum supplies necessary for when catastrophe strikes. With the intention of being within almost arms access, a BOB may be stored at home, work, the car or a combination of all three. Most preppers aim to have at least 72 hours worth of supplies in their BOB. An example of an average BOB’s contents might be:

  • Water
  • Food such as MRE/ Dehydrated meals
  • Cooking utensils such as spork, can opener, cooking pot
  • Tools such as a survival knife, multi-tool and axe
  • Communications such as mobile phone and radio
  • Clothing
  • Miscellaneous items such as map, money, compass and whistle
  • Shelter such as tarp/ tent, sleeping bag
  • Lighting such as a flashlight and spare batteries
  • Fire making equipment such as waterproof matches, lighter and tinder
  • Hygiene products such as anti-bacterial wipes/ gel, towels and toilet paper
  • Self defensive items

Remember that this is just an overview of some of the items one might find in a BOB. This list is expanded upon in other areas of the site. If you are looking for a more in-depth view, please check around!

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